Pac-Man Fever

Today my son asked if he could play Pac-Man at home. As he put it, "The games you used to play were a lot of fun. Puzzle games." Then he asked a question. "Dad, were there any bad games when you were a kid?" I answered, "No. Not really." He said, "Things were better then."

I can assure you, things were not always better back then. However, when it comes to temptation in technology, we don't realize how hard our children and grandchildren have it. It might be time to start looking at the temptation our kids face and ask ourselves, "Is it fair?" Then, maybe we should do our kids the service they have been wanting from us and "pull the plug." Kids have it hard enough without us bringing sin into our homes. Or, maybe we should just look at the ratings and ask ourselves, "Do they really need to play this game?" If we could help just one kid preserve his or her innocence a little longer, wouldn't it be worth it?

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