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As a young twenty year old, I dreamt about what it would be like to work with AIM. Back then, it was Jay Jarboe leading the AIM program. Richard Rogers taught the class Scheme of Redemption, Cline Paden was chancellor of the Sunset School of Preaching, and I was preparing to go to the mission field. Of course, working with AIM was only a dream when I was twenty.

Last month, I had the pleasure of signing a contract with Sunset as the new AIM Care Counselor. What a joy that was to make it official and say that I am now a permanent part of this place that is Sunset. God has truly blessed me.
My role as AIM Care Counselor was defined within the contract given to me. To serve AIM students in Lubbock, on the field, and returning home. To provide sound advice and encouragement to those in need. To model Christ in my actions and words. These were all tasks given to me that challenge and excite me in my new role.

Please continue to keep this task in your prayers. Jessica and I are very excited about my new job. However, we realize just how overwhelmingly important the job is too. Your prayers are vital to this mission.


The Lord continues to bless us here with amazing connections and relationships. This last month, Jessica and I watched four individuals very special to us graduate the AIM program. Why are they so special to us? Because of our connection to them in various times in our life.

I’ll never forget the victory we had as missionaries in Mexico. It was such a joy to baptize a family into Christ. Now, to see one of those family members become a missionary, this is indeed something to celebrate. What a blessing to see Evelyn graduate from AIM.

Again, who would have thought that we would witness Nick from Shawnee, Rafael from Leon, Mexico, or Shae Baker my little cousin (and former flower girl), graduate as missionaries? And yet, this is the blessing of service in the kingdom. In all these connections (and so many more), God is indeed multiplying our ministry.


It’s not just a term for NCAA college basketball. Around these parts, March is a crazy month for many reasons. Between welcoming back the graduates off the field, hosting reentry for students going through culture shock, having Camp Adventure for future students, and heading to the Tulsa workshop, there is a lot going on. Still, we managed to get it all finished and wrap up March Madness smoothly. Alls well that ends well as they say. March ended on a very high note.

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Anonymous said...

it is amazing to see the difference that happens in such a short time.

I love you so much chris and long to be where we can take walks and talk like we could and did do in mexico!

you rock!